Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Want a bajillion pictures of yourself?

If you answered yes to that question... You should be a photo major.

Or at least a model. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm both? haha that was a joke. 

This one is called - oh haha is my hair blowing in the wind? I'm gonna laugh about it

 These next two don't have names since John Reese took them and he probably should name them. Cause he's famous.

 This one is called - lets test the lights and the color and courtney will make a weird face.

I call this one deer in headlights.

Also, if you REALLY want a bajillion pictures of myself you should e-mail me. And I will take pictures of you. courtbeatty3@gmail.com. Also check out my OTHER blog - courtneybeattyphotography.blogspot.com


  1. I need you to take some pictures of Robert and me.

    PS I love your face

  2. Ooops this the the post I was talking about :-P