Saturday, January 29, 2011

the world is frozen

Jake and I were admiring all of the frost on the trees and the fog. So we had a little adventure taking pictures!

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Last night my mom and I went to the Brigham Young University game versus San Diego State University! San Diego was ranked fourth in the nation and BYU was ranked 10th! I'm sure that it will be changing soon! It was the most exciting game I have ever been to. People were on their feet almost the entire time! Me and my mom screamed so loud that when we went home our voices were gone and our heads were pounding! Jimmer, Brandon Davies, Kyle Collinsworth, Jackson Emery... You guys rock. Jimmer scored like 43 points! I think.

Be Still Giveaway

Be Still is having a pillow giveaway! I entered and who knows if I will win but i'm really excited about it anyway. haha


Lila Tuelller is having a fabric giveaway also! She let my mom borrow a ton of pattern samples for her class at Canyon View and I LOVE all of the things she has made. So I might be duplicating some of those patterns that my mom was able to use at the Junior HIgh. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on the Mission

Okay.. So my parents got a mission pamphlet today saying that they are going to an English Speaking Mission and it showed all of the ones opening for this year. We had thought that they could go to any of the 124 missions opening this year and this narrows it down to only 46 different missions!! CRAZY! Here are all the different places they could be going!

Alaska, Anchorage
Arkansas, Little Rock
California, Roseville
California, Sacramento
Canada, Toronto East
Canada, Vancouver
Colorado, Colorado Springs
Colorado, Denver North
Connecticut, Hartford
England, Manchester
Georgia, Atlanta North
Georgia, Mason
Kentucky, Louisville
Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Michigan, Lansing
Minnesota, Minneapolis
Missouri, Independence
Nevada, Las Vegas
New Jersey, Morristown
New Zealand, Auckland
New Zealand, Wellington
Ohio, Columbus
Oregon, Eugene
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg
South Carolina, Columbia
Tennessee, Knoxville
Tennessee, Nashville
Texas, Houston East
Texas, Lubbock
Washington, Tacoma
West Virginia, Charleston
Ghana, Accra
Ghana, Cape Coast
Micronesia, Guam
Nigeria, Lagos
Nigeria, Por Harcourt
Philippines, Angeles
Philippines, Cebu
Philippines, Davao
Philippines, Manila
Philippines, Olongapo
Philippines, San Pablo
Philippines, Tacloban
South Africa, Cape Town
South Africa, Johannesburg

Here are the statistics

60% U.S.
15% Philippines
13% Africa
4% Canada
4% New Zealand
2% England
2% Guam

West of the Mississippi - 26%
East of the Mississippi - 34%
40% Out of the Country.

Jake really thinks they are going to the Philippines. I am hoping that they stay in the United States very badly.

What do you think? If you guess right, I will give you a prize of some sorts :)

Deseret Industries

Jake and I went to Deseret Industries and spent a total of $21 dollars. Here are all of the amazing items of clothing that I bought.

D.I. $6

A little bit more typical for d.i. but it fits great! $6

Originally from Target! $3

And my favorite... also $6. This picture does not do it justice. This dress is beautiful!!

I have never had such luck at D.I. before! It is getting better and better these days. Next time I go... I hope to find some furniture. When we move out of our townhouse we will be needing some more!

my delightful sisters

I love my sisters! I have been reading brittney and stacey's blogs a lot lately and I am so excited about how much they update them! I might get burnt out with all this blogging but for now... It is really exciting :) If only jenny would update continuously and Nicki would blog at all! haha

This blog is all about my four great sisters

Oh Brittney. She was like my mother this last semester. She let me hang out with her practically all day every day! Livi would actually come up to me and Brittney and say, "my mom!" haha like I was trying to steal her. Poor livi. I cannot believe that I took this picture so long ago that she is about to have another one of these sweet little things. I'm guessing its a girl. :)


Jenny! The grandparents, me and the yeaman family went to disneyland this summer together and it was a blast! I miss those guys all the time. I wish they would move to Utah

Nicki. haha. I love this picture because the first time I put on this hat/whatever it is.. Nicki told me I looked like a cancer patient. I love that. Nicki you rock!

Ah man this picture makes me laugh. I will always remember it because Todd refused to be in it and he actually took it. He didn't want to be in it because Nicki and Todd weren't married at the time but we all knew they were going to get married so it was funny.

oh stacey. It seems like time is going by way too fast! I remember dropping Stacey off at college for her freshman year... Now she has her masters in piano and has two kids! I seriously cannot believe it.

ah man who knew I would be getting married less than a year later...

I love my sisters!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Night at the Beattys

Jake and I had a little game night at our house last night! We played mafia, two different types of it, scum and B.S. We ate tons of cookies, cupcakes, soda and apples with dip!

The newly wedded couple

The only other couple at our party

By the time Brittany arrived, all of the apples were already eaten. But she enjoyed the fruit dip so much that she put it all over her cookie and then her cupcake!! I have a crazy friend.

Oh wait i guess there was another couple.





mmmmmm yummy!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Christmas

My family has this tradition that on Christmas morning we all sit at the top of the stairs and run down together to see all of our presents. I made jake do this, but we had to take pictures separately. :)









Jake got me a kitchen aid and clothes! I got Jake clothes and a new ipod touch. We love Christmas.

Meet Livi's boyfriend, Jake

So Livi is practically in love with Jake. Here are some pictures that show that love.

Jake and Livi, cuddling, watching curious george

Still cuddling...

And kisses! haha

We love our nieces and nephews!

New Mission Presidents!!

My parents are going to be mission presidents!! They just had a meeting with President Uchtdorf on Tuesday and were officially asked to be mission presidents starting this July. They won't receive the location where they will be serving until March but we are really excited for them!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh I used to play tennis

I miss tennis. I wish that the weather in Provo was the same as the weather in St. George. So here are some pictures of my glory tennis days back at Dixie State College. Some of these pictures include my dear friend and partner Alicia Holm :)