Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Furniture?

I just finished painting this chest of drawers

My grandpa gave it to me as a wedding present. Or he bought it just for fun. You never know these days.

He bought it for $25 dollars at a yard sale

Now it looks like a million bucks!

I want to buy some new handles though... Any ideas on where to purchase them?

Before & After


  1. stan!you need to go to hobby lobby. i promise you'll find handles/knobs. you did such a fabulous job!

  2. okay so .. I went to hobby lobby and they gave me some paint! So I guess i'm going to paint my handles... there will be a post about it soon...?

  3. Anthropologie has really cool knobs and handles, and Planted Earth in Orem has some cool old ones.

  4. Court!!! LOVE your blog, so so cute!

  5. Oh Courtney! Ikea has some good handles and Hobby Lobby is awesome for anything really :) Looks like you got a new follower. You're just reeling them in by the bucket fulls!