Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been looking through all these "made" blogs and I wanted to make a post about all the things I have made!

This is the first blanket I ever made. I made it so it could be my bedspread in college. I did not finish hand sewing the binding until like two weeks into school down at Dixie State but I love this blanket because of the wonderful fabrics. The story behind this is that my mom had bought all the fabric and she said, "court, I want you to make this." I was WAY excited because it was so beautiful, but that excitement quickly faded when i found out how much work it would take. The summer before I went to college I literally spent hours upon hours just sewing that blanket and watching the O.C. Good times.

This is the second blanket I have made. I made it for Mr. Jacob Beatty. It is HUGE! Big enough to cover a queen sized bed and hang off all the sides like two feet! I did not really know it would be that big but... Jake really enjoys it.

I made this bag at canyon view high school with my mother carefully helping me every step of the way. (she is a sewing teacher there) I used this bag through a lot of high school and college. Its pretty, if I do say so myself!

Jake and I got this mirror at D.I. for $5 when we were dating. My dad cut it and painted it white for me! Thanks Dad :) I had a collection of ticket stubs for memorobilia so I started mod podging them on and I have ever since! You can see that the BYU basketball game against San Diego is on there! And there will soon be some Jazz tickets on there too!

I made this skirt with tons of help from my mother (as usual). I have never taken an actual sewing class so I was very proud of myself.

I made this cedar chest in woods class. I just remember telling everyone I was going to paint it and everyone getting really mad at me. I decided to make it yellow, antiqued the edges and added these wonderful handles. Soon after, Nicki painted her cedar chest and added handles too! I was very pleased.

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